From today’s Washington Post:  

The Feb. 7 editorial “Darfur‘s Chaos Spreads” called on the international community to exert more pressure on Chadian leader Idriss D¿by to stem the current wave of violence in North Africa.

But what Sudan and Chad most desperately need is a diverse group of highly educated, indigenous peacemakers who are committed to regional stability. George Washington University has gone a long way toward empowering such leaders by supporting, a student-run scholarship program for young Sudanese people who have survived atrocity and demonstrated a commitment to peace. For stability and sustainable development to become a reality in Northern Africa, as well as in the Horn of Africa, we must mobilize our educational resources to nurture and support those working for peace in their homelands.
Only by empowering those who have lived through genocide and civil war can we hope to end this perpetual conflict.



Banaa: The Sudan Educational

Empowerment Network



At a recent show, De La Rocha – of Rage Against the Machine – said “and this current administration is no exception. They should be hung, and tried, and shot.” Conservatives like Hannity and Coulter are having a shit fit, pretending that his comments are a culmination of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi’s anti-Bush sentiment.

De La Rocha is a rare and powerful voice in the American mainstream. His message is at times reactionary, but his prowess as a singer and songwriter give him the unique ability to popularize a leftist, anti-government message. As such, I have posted my two favorite Rage Against the Machine videos:


Sleep Now in the Fire