Propaganda: Theirs and Ours

May 29, 2007

I’m posting my letter to the editor published in today’s Pantagraph (Bloomington-Normal, Illinois). My letter is a response to a letter the paper published last week by Theodore Roy, which I’ve included below. Also included is another person’s letter-to-the-editor response to Mr. Loy, published today as well. Andrew Hartman


Maybe there’s a reason for anti-U.S. propaganda


May 29, 2007

I am writing in response to Theodore H. Loy’s letter (“West not prepared for impact of radical Islam,” YourViews, May 23).

Mr. Loy laments that, while Arab children are spoon-fed hateful anti-American propaganda, our children are taught tolerance, thus leaving us, in his words, “ill-prepared for what’s in store for us.”

I would kindly suggest that Mr. Loy’s logic needs to be turned right-side up by asking him the following:

Do the Arab nations occupy our cities with troops in the hundreds of thousands? Do Iraqi battleships patrol our waterways? Do their fighter planes dominate our skies?

Are Muslims actively seeking to control our natural resources? Have they imposed regime change in the United States, damning the consequences?

I am not apologizing for anti-American or anti-Israeli propaganda, although the degree to which alarmists overestimate its pervasiveness in Muslim societies should also be described as propaganda, especially since our propaganda is backed up by the world’s deadliest military.

I would simply like to point out that Mr. Loy and others quick to argue that we need to step up the so-called “clash of civilizations” need to think about the larger context.

If Muslim Web sites encourage hatred of the United States and Israel, perhaps it’s because such sentiments resonate in occupied societies. Although I don’t condone their propaganda, theirs makes much more sense to me than ours.

Andrew Hartman



West not prepared for impact of radical Islam


May 23, 2007

While our children are taught tolerance, multiculturalism and diversity, children in the Arab world are taught something very different.

The Internet site Palestinian Media Watch monitors children’s programs etc. broadcast to the entire Arab world on Al-Aqsa TV, the official Hamas TV station in Gaza. These programs brazenly encourage Muslim children to become shahids, that is, people who are willing to die for Allah.

Paradise is promised for all those who give themselves to shahada and are martyred in jihad against Israel and the West.

A quick perusal of this propaganda will convince you that we are facing a protracted life-and-death struggle against radical Islam as future Arab generations are primed to become suicide bombers.

We in the West are ill-prepared for what is in store for us because of this.

While millions of Muslim children are being prepared to fight us to the death, we are telling our children that Islam is just another religion we need to tolerate.

There is a total disconnect between what we teach our kids and the real threat of a radical Islam bent not only on eliminating Israel but also on dominating the West.

One of the programs you can see on Palestinian Media Watch uses a Mickey Mouse lookalike who interacts with Saraa’, a young Muslim girl. They talk about the coming world domination of Islam and the role Islamic children will play as they are willing to become shahids. Hatred of Israel and the West is encouraged – especially hatred of the United States – and killing in the name of Allah is glorified.

We tasted some bitter fruit of this poisonous training when radical Muslims attacked our shores on 9/11. Sadly, we can expect much more of the same since new Muslim generations are receiving a steady diet of the same poison.

Theodore H. Loy



We’re engaged in war between good, evil


May 29, 2007

I read with interest the letter from Theodore H. Loy (“West not prepared for impact of radical Islam,” YourViews, May 23). His comments are not only true, but do not even begin to tell the whole story, nor could whole books expose all that Islam plans for its enemies – which is every one who is not Muslim.

Except for our own destructive immorality, Islam is the greatest threat not only to our nation, but to the free world and most especially to Christianity and Judaism.

Even the Iraqi people who are not terrorists believe that Islam should rule the world, those who hated the former government of Iraq, are convinced that Christianity and Judaism should be crushed. How can we win such a war?

Taught from birth that Jews and United States are to be destroyed and that Islam is meant to rule, taught from earliest childhood that it is honorable and desirable to die for Mohammed because all hunger, all hardship, all problems are caused by Israel – and that the United States is to be hated most of all for her immorality, her excesses and the freedoms that she enjoys – the Muslim child is totally indoctrinated to do the will of Islam, up to and including dying for it.

This war must be fought, it cannot be avoided; it is indeed a war between good and evil. The question is, is the good as good as the evil is evil?

Good will ultimately overcome the evil, but in the meantime, how will we fare? God alone Knows.

Anna Helmers



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