For No Reason

April 24, 2007


Emerging from a stormy sea of anguish

Fog of voiceless hallucinations ill our streets

Men stumble with glacial laziness

Salt oblivion

Rain falls for no reason and we too

With docile inflections

Coins jingle and

Neckties enumerate the almosts of destiny

Running with their deaths

Children in their heads

But youth has been worn out and will not wake again

Corporate syrup fills quivering nostrils instead

Nocturnal peace without leprosy is rare


Rusting teeth



Dark winter

Blighted fruits

Quantum numbers

Have dug under the foundations

Gypsies huddle beneath bridges

The cold night has carved long scars into our muscles

Anatomy of interrupted moments

Proclaimed by an unadvertised god

Strewn by the furnace of our sun

Cordless temples

Breathless dew

Painful nonchalance






In muffled absence

Rippled songs turn


The spasm of jaws

Uncured in bitter pharmacies

The rain falls for no reason and we too

A desert of phantom casualties

Blood sand wax

Disemboweled purity

From the backs of crystal elephants

Visions of a decomposing façade


Victims of zinc and petrol vertigo

Midwives of freedom lost in cotton forests

Padlocked fingers remember the ambitions of morning

The rain falls for no reason and we too

The spasm of grief

Told in unknown friendships

Hidden in viscous wrinkles

Embroidered by cannon fire

Spoken in alcoholic tongues

A horizon of

The end of history




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